About Us

Has it ever happened that you wanted to buy some fishing gear and got really confused that which one is the best for you after seeing so many options?

Or, even worse, you somehow bought something home only to learn that this was not at all the right one as per your requirements?

Do you often feel uninformed about common angling questions but feel asking someone will make them think of you as stupid?

We all been there at some point, and that is why we got the idea for Fishing Is Bliss.

We keep it simple:

Our mission is to create the most trustworthy resource, full of information and detailed reviews on everything fishing related.

Who Are We?

Fishing Is Bliss consists of a team of dedicated anglers who are extremely passionate about fishing and all things related to it.

We eat, sleep and breathe fishing. Rinse and repeat. Day-in, day-out, without fail. That is how enormous our love for fishes and fishing is.

And we are committed to provide you the most in-depth, comprehensive and unbiased information on angling.

Our Gear Review Process

1. We select the top products related to the article theme.

2. We contact our reader database and our trusted set of people regarding the products we are about to review, to assure that there is complete objectivity and total independence in the ratings. We do not and will never accept free units for evaluation from the manufacturers.

3. Our Fishing Is Bliss Review Editors put all of the products acquired through detailed comparison tests, both in the best and in the worst conditions possible for usage, and then we carefully assess performance metrics, how easy it was to use and last but not the least, reliability.

4. We not only rank these products, but also explain why we have done so, and award the best.

5. The testing and review period lasts for days at stretch and each article takes several weeks to come out in the form that you see it.

6. After the testing & review period is finished, we put the reviewed products on our website along with the Amazon link to these products.

How This Site Earns?

Alas, nothing in the world is free and this website has incurred a lot of cost related to content creation, updates, and maintenance. Fishing Is Bliss is purely supported by readers like you.

Sometimes we have to hire freelance writers to do the difficult writing parts.

When you click on the Amazon links to buy recommended products, we may earn just enough money (as affiliate commissions) to continue bringing in awesome content for you.

Anything you buy through our link, you pay nothing extra for that. But Amazon pays us a small amount as commission for bringing them a sale.

Since you can choose to buy whatever you like, rest assured that we are not being biased when we recommend a particular product. It is indeed one of the top notch stuff in the market.

Also, we run ads on our website through Google. Thus, these ads are trustworthy as they have been filtered by Google itself.

You Should Trust Us Because

  • We communicate with hundreds of readers who share our passion for fishing and help us review products.
  • We do not accept free samples from manufacturers looking for reviews.
  • We dive deep into the science and math behind a product under review.
  • Our content is written by professional anglers with years of experience.
  • We choose only the best products for reviews, thus automatically removing the bad options for you.
  • Nobody pays us anything (except Amazon or a few ad networks), thus we remain unbiased with product reviews.

How We Calculate The Overall Score?


Ha ha, thankfully our calculations are not complex like in the picture above.

It is a simple and intuitive process which not only you would be able to understand but verify the results yourselves, just in case you need to check whether or not we have recommended the right product as per our parameters.

We take the following five parameters: 

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Functioning
  • Maintenance & Repair Cost
  • Price

1. Comfort

Comfort metric takes into consideration features like rod and reel weight, handle, grip etc. It also roughly translates to how easy it is to use the equipment and the overall design.

Things should also look good in your hand right?

2. Durability

Durability scores focus on features like material strength, stress test etc. It caters to how long-lasting your equipment is.

3. Functioning

Functioning deals with performance and experience while actually using the equipment. It is based on the smoothness, rod length, rod action, power, bearings, braking system, gear ratio, and drag.

4. Maintenance & Repair Cost 

Maintenance and repair costs show us the after sales cost involved. A corrosion resistant design and long manufacturer warranty give products a high score.

In our articles, we haven’t focused much on the warranty score since similarly priced items more or less have the same warranty from their manufacturers.

5. Price 

And lastly, we see the price. The best fishing gears aren’t necessarily the ones that packs in the most features. An optimal price tag is what we would want to see along with the features.

But as we usually observe in our day-to-day lives, you get what you pay for.

  • Each of the above parameters is given a score between 0-10 for a particular product.
  • The total score is then multiplied by 2 to obtain a score out of 100.

Before You Compare

Before you read our reviews or see the comparison tables of different products, a quick heads up.

If you visit the Amazon links, you will come across a difference in our ratings and the ratings displayed by Amazon.

It is important to realize that Amazon’s ratings are user-submitted where one rating is based on the experience of a particular individual.

It may also include factors totally unrelated to the fishing gear like how well the product was packed by Amazon or how fast it was delivered.

While our ratings are calculated from a particular set of parameters.

These parameters are then marked on the basis of experiences of our reader base and experts consisting of hundreds of users who own and/or have used the particular model.

Needless to say, you should not compare the ratings as it would be like comparing apples with oranges.

Moreover the star-ratings are dependent on the topic in discussion.

It simply means that a higher rated product here might not perform so well in different fishing conditions or for different fishes other than it is meant for. On that note: let the fishing games begin!


This Is What A Typical Day At Work Can Look Like

Now, we make these products go through field tests where we use them in a friendly environment and also abuse them in extreme conditions to see how they fare up against their competitors.

Our gear testing environments comprise of the renowned lakes, rivers and oceans of America, namely (and not in any way limited to) the Michigan, the Tahoe, the Mississippi, the Ohio, the Pacific and the Atlantic.

Our testers are avid anglers and tournament players. Each one of them has an eye for intricate details and a complete obsession to find the best of the best.

Most of our testers are professionals who have years of hands-on experience and wisdom.

Our mission is to help you in finding the best product as per your situation, keeping in mind that the needs of each individual are unique.

To achieve the aforesaid goal, we publish the scores of each product along with the scores of its competitors, both overall and across important features for each category.

This means you can trust us to find the one that best suits your individual needs.

Top Pick
Budget Buy
High End

You’ll be pleased to find that our awards are reserved for those products that we believe have outperformed all others overall, and you’ll learn why we chose them by reading about it in the article.

In fact these are the one that you can straightaway purchase with your eyes closed if at any point of time you feel overwhelmed with various options.

Our Coveted Team

Since we are not experts at everything, we have a superb team that helps us with well-researched, factually correct, and super useful content.

A huge shoutout to Daniel Mooers, Gage Dewsburry, Joe Brimingham, and Bharti Negi!

Our articles provide you with the information you need to be able to find the right information and select the right gear in accordance with your budget and needs.

Our ultra-in-depth review process takes a lot more effort than other typical fishing gear reviews you come across online.

But we believe that not just the best but any reviews should compare and contrast with an objective approach.

When we do any review, we often want to know how does our top pick stack up against all the other top products out in the market. Also we focus on why one product might be a better option than the other.

It’s this rigorous style of testing that yields the best results. So without further ado check out our articles and kindly let us know if we were a step ahead in fulfilling your expectations.

We’d love to hear back from you and we even encourage any feedback that can help us improve.

Join us in making Fishing Is Bliss the world’s best information resource for anglers like you.