Abu Garcia Silver Max Review

Abu Garcia Silver Max Review

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Abu Garcia Silver Max Review [Updated 2021]

Abu Garcia Silver Max Review

Possessing the incorrect fishing reel can mess up your fishing experience, and it might cost you some catches. Many manufacturers supply users with various kinds of fishing reels.

This makes it tough to tell which reel will do the job perfectly well. These days fishing reels are built of high tech substances to make sure that landing and casting is simple, even for bass, which are larger in dimension.

​Let’s​ begin ​the review of Silver Max low profile baitcaster from Abu Garcia.

​Our Verdict

abu garcia silver max review our verdict

The Abu Garcia Silver Max is a popular option among several enthusiastic anglers. Not only does this fishing reel supply a precise cast controller, but in addition, it’s constructed from quality lightweight substances.

Its armed with all the qualities that should be present in a decent reel, and its immediate anti-reverse feature ensures you accomplish a smooth retrieval. This is something you will love because of its performance in all of your fishing activities. It’s an excellent investment and comes at a reasonable price.

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Bottom line

​Latest Price

Abu Garcia Silver Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

​Abu Garcia Silver Max

4.6 stars


​Budget friendly with high-performance.

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​Before We Begin

​It may not have all of the bells and whistles of various other models, however, we believe it is a great solution for a lot of anglers. We’re fairly old-school in regards to bass fishing gear. We make a concerted attempt to keep everything as straightforward as we can because having costly equipment isn’t required to capture a lot of large basses.

A whole lot of our readers are young anglers with hardly any cash to invest in the”latest and best” tackle. Therefore, we’ve got a significant interest in cheap fishing equipment.

​Detailed Analysis


It is a damn great reel, even if you overlook the ridiculously sensible price. It is comfortable and simple to control, functions well, and its drag may hold on its own, especially against large basses. If you are seeking to bring a couple more reels into your collection, this is a superb place to get started.

We have and will continue to compete in tournaments and catch basses with the Silver Max. It is an excellent baitcaster for people seeking to enter the baitcasting domain or those who desire a more secondary or tertiary reel in their outfit.

In this article, we’ll have a comprehensive look at the Silver Max and will be going over a number of its most important features and the way they align with the functionality during actual usage.

​Abu Garcia Silver Max ​Key Features

abu garcia silver max key features


​Remarkably Ergonomic

​​We have used plenty of reels within this price range, which are uncomfortable to use while fishing. They sit off of the reel seat and are incredibly clunky. If you have tinkered with reels in the price point, you are going to know precisely what we’re talking about. Thankfully, the Silver Max is quite ergonomic.

If you were to shut your eyes and let us place it into your hands, you would probably confuse it for a lot more expensive reel.

​Allows Great Grip

Its compact, sturdy layout molds to your hands reasonably well and allows a firm grip, mainly when fishing at close-combat scenarios. Though it’s not as lightweight as some other reels, the 7.3-ounce Silver Max is really a slick-feeling reel seeing its cheap price point.

The reel foot aids the reel to fit evenly in your hands, providing your thumb with space to play over the whole surface of this reel.


​Surprisingly sturdy

​The single graphite frame and side plates are both sturdy and hold up to abuse with no difficulties. The Max is built from a one-piece graphite frame and graphite side plates that keep the weight of the baitcaster down. Additionally, it utilizes a flashed aluminum spool that further cuts back on weight.

However, the frame may bend, and the lack of efficacy may be a problem. ​Still, if you use this particular reel a bit differently from its planned fish range, the graphite body consists of high enough caliber and assembled well enough to pose no difficulty with the majority of the fishes.

In reality, it stands up lots better than its cost would allow you to assume.

​Long Life Span Of Parts

​The reel has five stainless steel ball bearings and brass gears, which makes the Silver Max give an excellent experience during retrievals. The metal gears have been constructed and adapted using Abu Garcia’s Duragear technologies considerably extend the life span of their equipment and also keeps them from failing under significant duress.

Though it drops the gear ratio marginally, the reel makes up for this with exceptional cranking power.


​MagTrax Braking System

​​The Abu Garcia Silver Max functions surprisingly well for a reel at its cost point. We have tested it using weightless soft plastics and lightweight balsa baits and are incredibly impressed with how well it works. The MagTrax braking system allows for quick adjustments without the elimination of any side plates.

If you are casting a light bait and opt to change things around, i.e., use some heavier jig or Texas rig, even a couple of clicks on the outside brake controller lets you spend less time fooling around with your reel and much more time making precise casts.

​No Irritating Noise

In addition, we have not seen any screeching or squealing when making long casts with this particular reel. These noises are usually found in cheap fishing reels and therefore are often indicative of critical bearing difficulties. However, the Silver Max is quite silent during operation.

The majority of us have not washed this reel since the day we have had it, and it is still working as perfectly as it should. If you prefer to create flips and short pitches, jig under the rocks, and parry with crankbaits in open waters, this reel is always up to the mark. 

​Superb Drag System

While we do not frequently use the drag of casting reels, we can tighten the drag to its highest possible setting and use the thumb bar to release the line manually. Also, we know that not everybody uses our strategy, so we only wanted to be sure that we covered the foundations for as many anglers as possible.

When fighting bass, this reel crushes lineup quite easily. It will not surge quite far, which has resulted in quite a few lost fish once there are strong runs at the side of the boat. It has performed similarly as a lot of the pricier reels we have tested this season.

Should you want to lock off your drag while pitching and flipping, that we advocate doing, you will have difficulty pulling any line when wrenching on large basses in heavy cover. You will be in a position to set the hook hard and receive immediate energy transfer into fish.

​Star Drag & The Spool

The low profile baitcaster includes a double bent handle that’s exceptionally streamlined. It assists the Silver Max’s agronomical feel, and both paddleboat grips are a breeze to remain on point with. Right beside the handle is the star drag, and which includes a bent layout too and makes it effortless to adapt during a fight.

You will find a tiny play and twist from the reel handle but not sufficient to impede line retrieval. You can make easy and fast adjustments with the dial that’s on the opposite side plate of that of the reel handle. ​The brake system offers smooth pressure into this reel right from the initiation of a cast and all the way to the lure hitting the water.

However, it will not completely negate potential backlash on the spool, and you still require some thumb play to deal with the line. The gear ratio on this baitcaster makes it perfect for slower but deeper retrieve techniques utilized with medium-sized crankbaits, jerk baits, along with other diving bait methods.

​Great Casting Precision

With a few alterations to the spool tension, the Silver Max can cast these baits at surprising distances with precision. The other feature that assists in some casting methods such as pitching and flipping or perhaps just letting your line go is the Rocket Clutch technique.

Unlike other reels with this particular feature, you don’t need to hold back on the switch to disengage the spool. Instead, you push the clutch, and the bolt will disengage. Whenever you’re prepared to engage the spool, you just push the switch beside the clutch and it gives you the ease of operation using just one hand.

It is a fantastic feature that can come in handy using specific methods. The Silver Max has made it amazingly easy to use.

​Gear Ratio & Startup Inertia

This reel works quite well under the heavyweight fishes, with the gearing and bearing being the main reason behind it. The line recovery rate is about average for the same low profile baitcasters of similar size, and it’s not the most suitable choice for high-speed retrieval methods, but do the job done nonetheless.

The cranking power makes it great for deep diving baits and heavier baits. The braking system, along with the gear ratio makes it among those few baitcasters that perform fairly well with many finesse fishing methods.

​The Power Disk drag system of the reel makes use of plastic washers, which are capable of providing more drag than you will require for your typical low profile baitcasting needs. In the lower end drag range, the startup inertia is insignificant, and the artificial washers give smooth and constant drag pressure.

In the top end drag range, it may become a little jumpy, however, it is nothing serious.

maintenance & repair Cost

​Great long term endurance

​​Even though this isn’t the strongest reel seeing its body power, it’s a reel that could cast all day with no fatigue and is more than capable of standing up to regular abuse. In reality, it stands up a lot better than its cost allows you to assume. We haven’t seen it giving trouble to any of its owners due to demands of frequent maintenance.


​Don’t Call It Cheap

​​​You will encounter a great deal of budget-friendly reels which look good but work like crap. Some manufacturers prefer to bait you (no pun intended) with good looking reels while not focusing on the inner layout components which is what dictates on-the-water functionality.

But the Abu Garcia Silver Max is not only worth every penny you spend, but also a lot better than some of the pricier reels out. And needless to say, the first look at its price makes us think that is it a scam that such a good reel is available at such a low price?

​ABU GARCIA Silver Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

Abu Garcia Silver Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

4.6 stars

  • ​Flipping switch for casting jigs
  • Incredible price point for features
  • ​Remarkable durability and quality
  • ​Ergonomic design
  • ​Precise cast control
  • ​Slight wobble in the handle
  • ​Jumpy drag at high range


​The Abu Garcia Silver Max baitcaster isn’t the topmost of the reels, and it may not have the characteristics you will find on other $100+ reels. But that does not indicate it isn’t a fantastic reel. Actually, we believe the opposite to be true for the Silver Max. It works nicely, feels great in your hands, and fights fishes well.

With these three things, you’ve got a cheap low profile baitcaster that works remarkably well with you when on the waters. This can be a great beginner’s reel for anyone seeking to get in the area of baitcasting, and it is going to please a lot of seasoned anglers too. 

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